Hire Me!

I am currently looking for work as a part time front-end developer.

About Me

I'm a software developer from Ontario, Canada.

I've been building websites since 2017 and in 2019, I started Borealis Web Development, a small web development agency that creates custom-designed, easy-to-use websites.

My Stack

These days, my web technologies of choice are JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Node.js, and of course HTML and CSS.

It doesn’t stop there; as a self-taught developer, I am always looking for ways to strengthen and extend my skillset.


Before to becoming a full time developer in 2018, I was alternately a project manager, a museum curator, an environmental scientist, and a barista among other things.

I have an undergraduate degree in Biology (minor in International Development), a masters degree in Environmental Studies, and a professional designation in Project Management.

Fun Stuff

I am a quirky mix between tech-kid and outdoorsman. When I'm not building things at my computer I love spending time with my family on the lake near my home in remote Northern Ontario, or in the nearby woods camping, biking, or skiing.

Fun Facts

  • I love to travel ✈️! To date I've visited more than 20 countries and I am eager to do more.
  • I am an enthusiastic (if not very accomplished) sailor. To date I have competed in a 300-mile and a 90-mile sailing race on Lake Ontario. I won a grand total of zero of those races, but I always have a blast doing them.
  • On summer evenings you can often find me sitting around a camp fire with friends with a guitar in my lap.